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Truth About Snake River Dams

Fact or Fiction: Truth About Breaching the Snake River Dams Debates and court battles about the future of the Snake River Dams have persisted for decades as opponents of the dams’ existence argue vehemently that breaching them is the only...

What Do GMO Corn and Quinoa Have In Common?

Ask The Farmer Post by Sarah Schultz September 29, 2015 I feel that one of the most highly misunderstood things about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is the insect-resistant trait that certain varieties of GMO corn and GMO cotton have: the Bt trait. Bt...

Weed Resistance: Weeds Find a Way!

The agricultural industry is constantly adapting new ways to responsibly manage weeds while producing a safe product for consumers, and minimize negative effects on the environment. Plants naturally evolve to decrease vulnerability to threats. This process has been occurring as...

Food Waste Reduction

The USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) defines food waste as; “the component of food loss that occurs when an edible item goes unconsumed," as in food discarded by retailers due to color or appearance and plate waste by consumers....

GMOs and Human Health: GMOs Part IV

GMOs and Human Health:  GMOs Part IV The following excerpt is from the Penn State Ag Science Magazine Spring/Summer 2015 Edition. Ask just about any scientist if GMOs are bad for our health and he or she will say, “Probably not.”...

What Are GMOs?: GMOs Part I

What Are GMOs?:  GMOs Part I The following excerpt is from the Penn State Ag Science Magazine Spring/Summer 2015 Edition. Indeed, there is a vast rift between scientific evidence for the benefits and risks of GMOs and the public’s perception of...

Pesticides: Despite ‘demonization,’ organic farmers widely use them

(Here's an interesting article on pesticide use in organic farming; reposted here by permission of Genetic Literacy Project.) Pesticides: Despite demonization, organic farmers widely use them by Andrew Porterfield - Originally posted December 7, 2015 - Genetic Literacy Project One principal “advantage”...

Join the GMO Conversation

Advances in Genetic Engineering Are Changing the Field Genetic engineering has evolved dramatically since the first GMO Flavr Savr tomato hit grocery store shelves in 1994. Today, we’re way past the “Frankenfoods” of the ‘90s, when we worried about genetic...

Did you know?

Did You Know? Herbicides can aid soil conservation. The use of herbicides reduces the need for tilling, preventing soil erosion and water loss.

Did You Know? Yakima County has the most organic farms of any county in Washington?

Fact or Fiction?

Fiction: Organic farming means grown without pesticides.

Fact: The USDA approves a lengthy list of pesticides for organic farming. Take a look here.


The Benefits of Pesticides

The benefits of pesticides include higher quality food production, increased profits for farmers and the prevention of diseases. Although pests consume or harm a...

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