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Washington Farmers: Combatting Food Insecurity

As Washington farmers embrace technologies and advances in research to improve food production, our residents benefit. About 14 percent of Washington residents experience food insecurity, below the national average. The number of food insecure 8th through 12th graders has...
loaves of artisan bread

Grilled Cheese for Grown-Ups

There’s no reason you have to outgrow grilled cheese sandwiches just because you’re a grown-up now. Besides there’s still something to be said for the comforting, melty deliciousness of American singles on toasty, buttered white bread. It’s an easy matter,...

Alternatives to Pesticides

Alternatives to Pesticides and Integrated Pest Management Many sustainable farms use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as a compliment or alternative to the use of pesticides.  IPM is a growing movement among farms of all sizes that incorporates a variety of...

Washington’s Water Laws: Favoring Fish over Residents

Legal conflict concerning Washington’s water laws has intensified over the last four years. One of the most recent rulings, Hirst v. Whatcom County, has brought the debate over water rights to a head in our communities and our courts....

Preserve NAFTA – Keep International Trade Flowing Freely to Protect Agricultural Exports

Preserving and improving the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is vital to holding the doors open to international trade with our North American neighbors. From apples to software, NAFTA provides innumerable benefits for our state’s industries, especially our...

Mastering the Art of Whole-Wheat Baking

Whole-wheat baking is a delicious way to enrich your diet, but baking with whole-wheat flour takes some practice. If you’re new to baking with whole-wheat flour, work your way up slowly to determine the right proportion of whole-wheat flour...

High-Tech Farming for Affordable, Sustainable Food

Agriculture and technology both drive Washington’s economy. Agriculture contributes more than $51 billion to the state’s economy. Now, advances in technology help farmers improve our state’s food production systems, so high-tech farming means more people have access to affordable...

Truth About Snake River Dams

Fact or Fiction: Truth About Breaching the Snake River Dams Debates and court battles about the future of the Snake River Dams have persisted for decades as opponents of the dams’ existence argue vehemently that breaching them is the only...

GMO – One of the Good Guys

GMO - One of the Good guys GMO is one of the most misunderstood tools of high-tech farming. The names used to describe GM seeds including "GMO and genetically engineered" can sound threatening to consumers, and have created marketing disadvantages for products...

Did you know?

Did You Know? Herbicides can aid soil conservation. The use of herbicides reduces the need for tilling, preventing soil erosion and water loss.

Did You Know? Yakima County has the most organic farms of any county in Washington?

Fact or Fiction?

Fiction: Organic farming means grown without pesticides.

Fact: The USDA approves a lengthy list of pesticides for organic farming. Take a look here.


Small Farms in Washington State

  Washington State University's “Profile of Small Farms in Washington State Agriculture” states that small farms comprise 91% of all farms in the United States...

Integrated Weed Management


Farming for Generations