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Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich with Prosciutto, Arugula and Tapenade

This is a great any-season sandwich. In the summer, you could also add heirloom tomatoes. In the winter, you could add any roasted vegetables. You can store remaining tapenade in the refrigerator for about a week. Makes 2 Sandwiches 1/2...

Five Ways GMOs Help Farmers Protect the Environment

Few topics in farming drive more debate than GMOs. Unfortunately, much of the controversy is based on misinformation and misunderstanding. In reality, GMOs protect the environment and our food supply system. They allow farmers to produce healthier crops, yielding...

Truth About Snake River Dams

Fact or Fiction: Truth About Breaching the Snake River Dams Debates and court battles about the future of the Snake River Dams have persisted for decades as opponents of the dams’ existence argue vehemently that breaching them is the only...

Preserve NAFTA – Keep International Trade Flowing Freely to Protect Agricultural Exports

Preserving and improving the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is vital to holding the doors open to international trade with our North American neighbors. From apples to software, NAFTA provides innumerable benefits for our state’s industries, especially our...

Genetically engineered crops are safe for humans, major study finds

(The following article originally appeared in the Kansas City Star, and is reprinted by permission of the author. The link to the original article is posted below.) Genetically engineered crops are safe for humans, major study finds Despite some consumer anxiety...

Myth busting: Do farmers ‘drench, douse or slather’ crops in pesticides?

(The following article is re-posted by permission of Genetic Literacy Project in Washington D.C. see links to original website below.) Myth busting: Do farmers 'drench, douse or slather' crops in pesticides? by Steve Savage - September 7, 2016 - Genetic Literacy...

Lose Weight with Whole Grains

It’s no secret that whole grains protect against a host of life-threatening conditions, from heart disease and cancer to diabetes. Maintaining a healthy body weight plays a key role in preventing chronic illnesses such as these. Now, new research...
loaves of artisan bread

Grilled Cheese for Grown-Ups

There’s no reason you have to outgrow grilled cheese sandwiches just because you’re a grown-up now. Besides there’s still something to be said for the comforting, melty deliciousness of American singles on toasty, buttered white bread. It’s an easy matter,...

Bill Gates on how the world will change by 2030

Bill Gates on how the world will change by 2030 Bill Gates Interview: How the world will change by 2030. Fascinating interview with Bill Gates, touching on many technology trends of the future. GMO food and increasing productivity of farming,...

Did you know?

Did You Know? Herbicides can aid soil conservation. The use of herbicides reduces the need for tilling, preventing soil erosion and water loss.

Did You Know? Yakima County has the most organic farms of any county in Washington?

Fact or Fiction?

Fiction: Organic farming means grown without pesticides.

Fact: The USDA approves a lengthy list of pesticides for organic farming. Take a look here.


Defining What Sustainable Agriculture Really Means

If we go by the dictionary definition of sustainable, the meaning is pretty clear. When we start talking about sustainable agriculture, things get a...

Are Farmers Rich?

Regulating GMOs: GMOs Part II