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Washington Farmers: Combatting Food Insecurity

As Washington farmers embrace technologies and advances in research to improve food production, our residents benefit. About 14 percent of Washington residents experience food insecurity, below the national average. The number of food insecure 8th through 12th graders has...

High-Tech Farming for Affordable, Sustainable Food

Agriculture and technology both drive Washington’s economy. Agriculture contributes more than $51 billion to the state’s economy. Now, advances in technology help farmers improve our state’s food production systems, so high-tech farming means more people have access to affordable...

How Using Technology Makes Our Family Farm Better

(Here is an excerpt from an editorial that originally appeared in the Sunday August 28, 2016 eEdition of StarTribune. Click on the link below to read the entire article.) How Using Technology Makes Our Family Farm Better Thanks to innovations like...

Drone Captures Vineyard Irrigation Data

Here's a cool article re-posted courtesy of Washington State University: Originally posted July 5th, 2016 Drone Captures Vineyard Irrigation Data by Scott Weybright scottweybright@wsu.edu Source contact: Lav Khot, WSU biological systems engineering 509-786-9302, lav.khot@wsu.edu PROSSER, Wash. – People may notice a small, unmanned helicopter flying over Washington...

Washington Wheat Farmers Use the Best Technology to Produce the Best Wheat

Washington Wheat Farmers Use the Best Technology to Produce the Best Wheat by Jonelle Foutz Do you ever think about the food you eat? Where did it come from? How was it grown? With concerns about food safety, pesticide use and...

Did you know?

Did You Know? Herbicides can aid soil conservation. The use of herbicides reduces the need for tilling, preventing soil erosion and water loss.

Did You Know? Yakima County has the most organic farms of any county in Washington?

Fact or Fiction?

Fiction: Organic farming means grown without pesticides.

Fact: The USDA approves a lengthy list of pesticides for organic farming. Take a look here.


How to Beat the Weather, Precisely

Weather not only affects how crops grow, but also determines the logistics around harvesting and transportation. When harvesting sugar cane, for example, the soil...