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Farmers Weekly Poll

Farmers use the latest technology to help them grow food with increasing precision.  Smartphone technology is being adapted to assist in decision making as it provides weather updates, GPS technology, yield calculations, suggested weed management practices and more. The Farmers...

Jimmy Kimmel’s “WHAT’S A GMO?”

Check out late night talk host, Jimmy Kimmel’s, “WHAT’S A GMO?”  In October 2014, the Jimmy Kimmel crew visited a Los Angeles farmers market to find out what people knew about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). While the results of his...

Did you know?

Did You Know? Herbicides can aid soil conservation. The use of herbicides reduces the need for tilling, preventing soil erosion and water loss.

Did You Know? Yakima County has the most organic farms of any county in Washington?

Fact or Fiction?

Fiction: Organic farming means grown without pesticides.

Fact: The USDA approves a lengthy list of pesticides for organic farming. Take a look here.


How to Beat the Weather, Precisely

Weather not only affects how crops grow, but also determines the logistics around harvesting and transportation. When harvesting sugar cane, for example, the soil...