Food Waste Facts

There is a growing awareness of America’s food waste and its impact on our environment. The following information may encourage you to change some of your buying and eating habits.

Did You Know…

  • In the US, an average family of four wastes 1,160 pounds of food annually (about 25 percent of the food they buy), costing them $1,365 to $2,275 per year.

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  • The average American throws away between $28 and $43 in the form of about 20 pounds of wasted food each month.

Natural Resources Defense Council (2014, November). Saving Leftovers Saves Money and Resources. Retrieved on April 2015 from

  • Irrigation used to grow food that is thrown away could meet the domestic water needs of nine billion people.

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  • US per capita food waste has progressively increased by approximately 50% since 1974.

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