Washington State Leads Nation In Red Raspberry Production

Washington State grows the finest food in the world. Both eastern and western Washington work together to produce many firsts in the nation when it comes to quantities of several excellent crops.

Did you know: Washington State farmers lead the nation in growing red raspberries? Last year, over 52-million pounds of delicious red raspberries were harvested on farms throughout Washington State: That’s the highest in the nation. Whatcom County, north of King County, is the winner by producing over 95% of Washington red raspberries.

Nutritionally, red raspberries are loaded with vitamin C, high in dietary fiber, and an excellent source of the minerals: calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Of course they taste good too.

Learn more about Washington State’s amazing capacity to grow delicious and nutritious food; food we all enjoy.

Eastern and western Washington, “Let’s Grow Together!”

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