How to Beat the Weather, Precisely

Weather not only affects how crops grow, but also determines the logistics around harvesting and transportation. When harvesting sugar cane, for example, the soil needs to be dry enough to support the weight of the harvesting equipment. If it’s humid and the soil is wet, the equipment can destroy the crop.

By understanding what the weather will be over several days and what fields will be affected, enables better decisions to be made in advance.  This can be done through the collection of real-time data on weather, along with soil and air quality, crop maturity and even equipment and labor costs.  Smarter decisions using this type of information and predictive analysis is known as precision agriculture.

On a worldwide basis, precision agriculture provides the crucial logistics of harvesting and transporting food to the distribution centers. Food waste can happen during distribution, so it’s important to transport the commodities at the right temperature and not hold it for longer than needed. The weather can greatly affect this; in Brazil, many of the roads are dirt, and heavy rain can cause trucks to get stuck in mud. By knowing where it will rain and which routes may be affected, better decisions can be made on which routes will be the fastest to transport their food.

Precision agriculture; better knowledge, better choices.


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