Wheat Win for Washington State

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Wheat Win for Washington State

The 2015 wheat harvest numbers are in, and Washington State stands out as the fourth highest producer of wheat in the United States. Farmers in Washington State grew an amazing 111.54 million bushels of wheat last year.

The state of Montana comes in third with 185.41 million bushels,

Kansas comes in second with 321.90 million bushels,

and North Dakota out-produced everyone for first place with a healthy 370.02 million bushels of wheat for 2015.

The enormous state of Texas came in fifth place, with a respectable 106.50 million bushels.

2.2 million acres of land in Washington State are dedicated to wheat production; with Whitman County growing more wheat than ANY other COUNTY in the United States.

According to Wheat Life Magazine, the official publication of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers, the bulk of our state’s wheat, approximately 80-90%, is exported to the Middle East, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

Although wheat is also grown on the west side of the state, the majority of farms are concentrated in eastern Washington; around the cities of Spokane, Moses Lake, Pullman and Pasco, WA.

Wheat is a type of grass, and eastern Washington’s cool nights and warm days are ideal for production. Washington State specializes in growing varieties of “soft white wheat,” which are recognized for their superior cookie and cracker performance.

Mmmmmm. Cookies and crackers.

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